One of our goals at Upscribe is to be a one-stop-shop for lead generation tools. Every great customer relationship starts with a phone call, a handshake, or a form submission.

For a lot of your customers, a form may be the first interaction they have with your brand. Pop-ups are another way that we are helping you get your beautiful Upscribe forms in front of your beautiful new followers & customers.

P.S. Unfortunately, pop-ups won’t work on Medium — but they will work beautifully on your own website!

So, without further ado here's how you create a pop-up form with Upscribe…

1. Create a form

First things first; create a new form (or go to one of your existing forms in Upscribe). Customize the colors, fonts, fields, etc. To match your brand.

2. Embed JS snippet on your website

Next, click the Embed button in the top menu to view your embed/share options. Once there, copy the javascript snippet from the “Custom Website” embed section.

Then place the javascript snippet anywhere on the webpage where you want to enable pop-ups.

You only need to place this javascript on your website once. Then any forms that you enable pop-ups for will work with your website.

3. Configure pop-up settings

Finally, enable the pop-up settings section and specify; when you want the pop-up to show up, where on the page you want it to show up, and which pages you want it to show up on!

Thanks for reading! Go create one now on Upscribe!

Send us a message via the live chat bubble if you have any questions at all!

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